The Company

Cogenext was born from an idea of ​​Axopower (primary operator in the energy market operator) and RTS - Renewable Technical Solutions (installer of power and heat generation plants using renewable and conventional sources), who decided to combine their expertise to offer customers a service aimed at achieving effective energy-saving and energy-efficient delivery results, also validated by UNI CEI 11352: 2014 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Our mission

Always focused on reducing fuel consumption and environmental respect, Cogenext delivers distributed power generation and heat generation plants that reduce the cost of energy supply of its customers.
A team of professionals provides a pre-sales service for problem analysis and the most appropriate products for the customer's needs.

Customer benefits

As part of the Energy Performance Contract, and in addition to operating the cogeneration plant, Cogenext is responsible for the management and maintenance of the existing thermal power plant, by carrying out any revamping work if necessary.
This way, Cogenext satisfies all the customer's thermal needs by ensuring that the heat station is always maintained at its best efficiency conditions and releasing the customer from the management of the gas supply contracts and the ordinary maintenance of the plant.

With this contractual setting the Customer:

  • Does not invest anything
  • Gets contractually guaranteed savings and a high level of service supply
  • Does not have plant management and maintenance costs
  • Pays only the actual consumption of electricity and heat at prices below market ones
  • Is free to buy the portion of electricity that is not supplied by the plant from other supplier
  • Frees the costs arising from the management of the thermal power plant and the gas supply for the entire time of the contract with Cogenext (typically 8 years)
  • Reduces total CO2 emissions due to its own energy supply