Our fields

By its nature, cogeneration can be effectively used in contexts where energy needs have certain characteristics. Where heat and electricity are used simultaneously, where there is a thermal requirement (eventually in the form of cold) during all the year
and at the same time as there is electrical and thermal consumption even if the customer's business is firm. These features and, consequently, the possibility of obtaining economic benefits that make the overall efficiency project interesting are found in several areas. Below we give some examples.

Where we work

  • Swimming Pools
  • Rehabilitation Centers, Health Care Residences and Hospital
  • Hotels and Wellness Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Food Sector
  • Slaughters
  • Production of Detergents and Cosmetic Solutions
  • Galvanic and Plastic Treatments, Zinc Plating, Anodizing
  • Fruit Processing Industry
  • Industries for Finished Goods Transformation

Great adaptation

The high quality and technology of our plants allows us to operate in many areas. From industry, to primary services, to food and hospitality.

E.S.Co. & EPC contracts

The instrument used is the Energy Performance Contract, the key point being the guarantee of achieving measurable and periodically documented energy saving results. The Italian standard UNI CEI 11352:2014 defines the minimum contents of the contract, which must include all of the following:

  • An Energy Diagnosis
  • Definition of feasible efficiency interventions
  • Estimates of achievable savings
  • The implementation of interventions
  • Verification and possible adaptation to existing regulations for all plants affected by the interventions
  • The operation and maintenance of the plants built
  • The procedures to finance the interventions
  • The contractual guarantee of achieving the objectives
  • A program for measuring, verifying and reporting the results

Cogenext has the capability and the technical knowledge to take care of the whole process, from technical specifications to installation.


Cogenext manages projects as Energy Service Company, which means that it does not provide goods, but a service aimed at saving energy, taking on the investment and all related costs and risks, and sharing with the customer the economic benefit obtained.